Formation for Life


Wherever you have been walking, wherever the paths of life have taken you, 
everyone's heart longs to find light along the way: 
answers to burning questions, inspiration and guidance for living faith in everyday life, a guide in the life of the spirit in good times and in sad, and someone who will walk with us when the path leads through dark valleys and unknown lands.


LIGHT ALONG THE WAY is that place where you will discover the resources that will help you on the journey. Each resource is prepared and presented by a Daughter of Saint Paul, Sisters with practical, everyday spiritual wisdom that is rooted in their daily Eucharistic prayer and real-life experiences.




Prayer and Spirituality

From the basics of prayer to the heights of contemplative prayer, the sisters tap into the wisdom of the saints to guide you on your spiritual journey and develop your personal relationship with Christ.

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Faith and Everyday Life

These workshops and conferences offer you insight into how to live the Church’s teaching in our everyday lives. The variety of topics include: Mary, the Mother of Jesus, St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, and the Most Holy Eucharist as the source and summit of our faith.

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Healing and Hope

Offers a Catholic, holistic approach to growing in and through the challenges of life. Every presentation is based on the solid foundation of God’s love for us as found in the Bible.

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Media Mindfulness

In media mindfulness, you can use critical thinking skills to question the media and discern the values of media messages, engaging them with the Gospel. “Praying with the News,” Movie Reviews and other resources can help you and your family to not only select wise media choices, but to reflect on them together afterwards.

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    LIGHT ALONG THE WAY is an initiative of the media nuns, offering you online conferences, retreats, and other resources to help you grow in your relationship with God. The Sisters offer a practical, everyday spiritual wisdom that is rooted in their daily Eucharistic prayer and real-life experiences.


    The Daughters of Saint Paul are an international congregation of women religious who are called, consecrated, and sent to evangelize with the media in the spirit of Saint Paul. Over 2,500 Sisters carry out the Pauline mission in 52 nations. Their tag on social media is #MediaNuns.

    During their daily three hours of prayer, the Sisters pray for all those who read, view, listen to, or watch what they produce, as well as for all media producers. They also offer reparation for the negative influence that the media have on people’s lives.


    Pauline Books and Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of Saint Paul, and a large part of the Sisters’ mission to evangelize people today. In their fourteen Pauline Books and Media Centers throughout the U.S. and Canada, the sisters seek to serve the spiritual needs of Catholics and Christians by making Catholic Bibles, gifts, music, and books available. If you are seeking deeper faith, struggling to faithfully live the Gospel, or long to root your family in Christ’s peace, come and visit us in person or online. We’d love to meet you.

  • Becoming Jesus

    “This is an immense way.... Immerse yourself as much as possible into Jesus, into his thoughts, into his perfect adoration, into the praise he gives the Fatherto the point of being truly able to say: Christ lives in me.” —Blessed James Alberione